The Tim Ferriss Show Reflection – #261: Mental Performance, Work-Life Balance, and the Rise to the Top — Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova Podcast Summary: 

Source: The Tim Ferriss Show – #261: Mental Performance, Work-Life Balance, and the Rise to the Top — Maria Sharapova

This podcast is quite unique, where Tim asked plenty of questions with regards to her personal life and experiences, rather than life hacks and tips.


Learning Points:

1. Her mum managed to instill the power of a 'routine' from her younger days. Repetition is key to success. 

2. Parents were supportive of her passion, willing to explore and push the boundaries with her - no matter what it takes. 

3. Her father is a tennis coach, but is intelligent to know that he is NOT going to be the one to coach her to be a champion. A star coach is needed. 

This is an amazing point for me, a very humble person to acknowledge his 'weakness', and to remove himself as an obstacle. 

4. Parents did not give her any pressure along the way, and never once told her that she needed to win. She learnt to enjoy the process and the sport. 

5. To Maria personally, success is more than just wanting to win. She wanted to be an icon for women, to show that women can be great. She thanks the pioneers such as the Williams sisters, for bashing through all the tough hurdles and made it easier for other women. 

6. When you're successful, strangely everyone wants a piece of your success (wanting to take photos with you etc). When a challenger wins the match over me, to them they have won more than just a quarter or semi-finals. 'Wow, I've won Maria Sharapova'. 

The key is to just be focused and filter away all the distractions. Surround yourself with people with good minds and have your interests at heart. 

7. She does self talks during matches to pep herself. 'I'll win'. She realized that there's a clear distinction in that, in situations where she was down and her positive reinforcements won her the game vs she was down and she put herself down with multiple confirmations that she was not on her best form and she ended up losing. 

8. Both she and Tim Ferriss do not believe in the a balance of 50-50. For e.g. Work- Life balance. They always seek to give their utmost 100% in what they are doing, and know there has to be some form of sacrifice or trade-off with the other aspects of their lives. 

9. They never stopped learning. 


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