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Monthly Update – September

Monthly Update – September

Hi all,

17th & 18th Seminars are fully booked.

I will arrange for 2 seminars in October.


My Views

STI Outlook



Resistance 2: 2,999

Resistance 1: 2,932

Support 1: 2,799

From my previous interview with 938FM,

I mentioned that I looked forward to a small rebound or a period of consolidation.

A rebound occurred between 24th – 28th August, accordingly to my Market Outlook for that week.


STI is currently trading sideways, undergoing a period of consolidation.

Going forward,

  • It will be great if STI continues a period of consolidation between Resistance 1 and Support 1. It is usually followed by a great movement in either direction (long or short). Traders Be Prepared.

For investors, the lackluster ping-pong situation in STI is a good period for picking up more undervalued defensive stocks.


For existing clients,

I am preparing an automated screener for REITs / Trusts.

Intermediate – Expert seminar for Creating Passive Income is progressing well.

Stay tuned.




938 Live Interview on 21st August 2015

938 Live Interview on 21st August 2015

My apologies for the late upload.

In this interview,

I covered the following,

  • Market Outlook from 17th – 21st August 2015
  • Outlook for this week 24th – 28th August 2015
  • Sectors to look out for.

A couple of minutes before the interview occurred, I wanted to share on radio on specific points on improving an Investors / Trader’s psychology and key traits in approaching the market.

Unfortunately, I was informed to do “Stock/Sector Pick of the Day”, which I suppose the masses love to hear. This is a stark difference from following a Investing / Trading methodology and being consistent.




This is what I wanted to share:

The most important trait to me is Discipline.

In the market, there are only 2 methods to profit. 1. Capital Gains. 2. Dividends.

Before you invest, you have to be clear on which method you are pursuing.

For example, I

You buy Company A at $1 for Capital Gain.

If it falls below $1, the market goes against your system. Instead of stopping your losses, Investors tend to justify “Company A also gives dividends, I can keep this.” – which is the psychology of the majority.

More often than not, Company A continues to bleed, and most investors add on to a list of Junk A-Z in their CDP statement.

What can we learn from this?

  • Stick to your objective: Capital Gain or Dividends?
  • Stop-Loss, if the market goes against your objective.
  • If the above scenario occurs, you no longer have the power of choice. You are not an investor by choice, but because you’re forced into that particular situation. You became an involuntary investor.

I will be covering STI Outlook shortly. Stay Tuned.

STI Broke Consolidation

STI Broke Consolidation

Hi Folks,



For those who have attended my seminar on 13th August, you can probably remember the following from our Live Analysis – where you guys can ask any counters or market sentiments.

I mentioned the following.

  • I was looking to long the index based on a strong bullish candle based on support on trend line. However, it didn’t occur.
  • Waiting for a period of consolidation as it is usually followed by a explosive movement in either direction, which will determine my trade.

Cheers to all who have attended and shorted the index.

The next seminar will be on 17th September at 7pm.

You can register at




Top CFD Specialist 2014

Top CFD Specialist 2014

Achievement Unlocked!

Top CFD Specialist 2014

5 years ago, all I wanted was to sincerely create immense value for my clients and reach out to as many people as possible to educate them financially. Advocating sound investment & trading strategies with my sight and heart focused on clients’ needs.

Thank you, for your years of support and friendship. I look forward to serving all of you for the many years to come.

Cheers!Top CFD Specialist Award


Top CFD Specialist Award 1

CFDAward 1

Monthly Update – August

Monthly Update – August

Hi all,

I will be having an upcoming radio interview with 938FM on 21st August, at around 6.15pm,.

For those we are unable to tune in on that day, I will be uploading an audio recording of the interview. Cheers.


I have received requests from some folks wanting to attend my seminar. My apologies, August seminar is fully booked.

I will be arranging for another seminar in September.


Things to note:

– Priority is given to existing clients & their friends. Please register only when you’re able to confirm your attendance.

– Seats are limited to 15 pax per seminar to enhance learning experience.


My Views

STI Outlook



Resistance 2: 3,250

Resistance 1: 3,201

Support Broken (31st July): 3,250

Support 1: 3,150

Support 2: 3,054

STI has broken the range, and has formed a downtrend.  Trade with caution.

There is a lot of uncertainties in the market.

My trading strategy is to look for a bullish signal to long the index, with the downtrend line as my resistance.


As mentioned in my previous update, stay tuned for the intermediate-expert seminar coming up.

It will be a step-by-step strategy for REITs and Trusts selection.




Monthly Update – July

Monthly Update – July

My Views

STI Outlook


Resistance 2: 3,467

Resistance 1: 3,357

Support Broken (9th July): 3,267

Support 1: 3,201

Support 2: 3,150

From my recent update, in STI Gapped down,

“STI gapped down yesterday. The following week is critical. If the gap is covered, uptrend remains. If there is a breakaway gap confirmation, 3,378 region will be tested and trend reversal.”

Uptrend line at 3,378 region was broken and fell below 3,357 support.

STI is trading sideways in a range between 3,267 and 3,357.

It is key to note that STI did not break 3,267 support with confirmation.

Going forward,

STI will consolidate sideways in a range. If STI breaks through 3,267, it forms a downtrend.

3,357 has formed a strong resistance.


I am currently improving my excel spreadsheet to include the key factors I use to filter REITs / Trusts.

A seminar (Intermediate – Expert Level) will be conducted.

As for Global Outlook, you will receive daily updates apart from the current Morning Notes.