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Hi Folks,

POEMs has implemented a new Price Alert feature that is an amazing power tool to our daily trading activities. This creates high efficiency and frees up a lot of time.

Alerts on-the-go : Receive real-time notifications anywhere you are on the latest price changes for your favourite SGX stocks.

*All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

How to benefit from it:

  • For value investors who are waiting for companies to fall to a specified price before placing the trade. Price Alert feature can be used to indicate the buy price investors are look at.
  • Traders can place Price Alerts on their filtered stocks, and place entries accordingly when prices are triggered.
  • Additional layer of security for traders. Instead of relying solely on stop limit orders, add in a price alert above the stop limit. Why?

When a specified counter gaps down / skips your stop limit price, your order will not be executed.

Use the Price Alert feature to ensure your stop limit orders are transacted successfully.

In essence, Traders & Investors alike no longer have to stare at the screen daily (unless of course, you’re monitoring market conditions/ momentum etc for shorter time-frame traders), and have more time in the process! Voila!

Download POEMS SG


Click on Alerts


Select the ‘+’ sign


Search for the company you’re interested in


Enter the parameters according.

I utilize the ‘Low Target’ most frequently 




Download Stock Alert App


Click on ‘+’ button


Search for the company you’re interested in


Click on ‘+’ button


Go back to the Main Menu


Enter the parameters according and click Submit!

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