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Hi all,

17th & 18th Seminars are fully booked.

I will arrange for 2 seminars in October.


My Views

STI Outlook



Resistance 2: 2,999

Resistance 1: 2,932

Support 1: 2,799

From my previous interview with 938FM,

I mentioned that I looked forward to a small rebound or a period of consolidation.

A rebound occurred between 24th – 28th August, accordingly to my Market Outlook for that week.


STI is currently trading sideways, undergoing a period of consolidation.

Going forward,

  • It will be great if STI continues a period of consolidation between Resistance 1 and Support 1. It is usually followed by a great movement in either direction (long or short). Traders Be Prepared.

For investors, the lackluster ping-pong situation in STI is a good period for picking up more undervalued defensive stocks.


For existing clients,

I am preparing an automated screener for REITs / Trusts.

Intermediate – Expert seminar for Creating Passive Income is progressing well.

Stay tuned.




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