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Hi Community,

I have decided to value-add by posting whenever I feel there is an upcoming trend change in the major markets.

This is in comparison to doing up a "monthly" update, where there can be no significant movement in a month, or having a highly volatile environment where I will be doing up more posts to keep you guys updated.

Please note that I will be showing some of my live trades that I have done with the community, using the $10k challenge I have setup 2nd quarter of 2016.

This is to show that you can be consistent and be rewarded even with a small capital, as long as you take action with a systematic trading strategy.


For SG market,

please be cautious. I am expecting limited upside movements. It may test the 3420 region to attempt a breakout.

I will prefer waiting for a period of consolidation or a pullback before loading up on more long (buy) trades. Alternatively, I will open up more new long positions on a breakout.



For US market, both DJI and S&P are similar. 

Congrats to all who rode the huge rally with me. Look below for all the live trades done on a small capital base.

Going forward, I am looking forward for a period of consolidation for the EMA to catch up or for a minor pullback.

I will take 1-2 shorts in the event of the minor pullback. However, I will be opening up more long / buy positions, after a breakout from the consolidation period or a pullback followed by a uptrend continuation. 


Upcoming Seminar:

Date: 25th November 2017
Time: 3pm -5.30pm
Venue: Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, Presentation Room
250 North Bridge Road Raffles City Tower #06-00 Singapore 179101


For those who have yet to formulate any form of strategy or system, attend the seminar.

For those who are inconsistent in their trade execution, attend the seminar

For those who have no idea what they are doing in the stock market, attend the seminar.

Basically, if you have yet to attend this to date, just click the link below to register.


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Here are my live trades I have done in the recent months.