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4 Key Strategies for Stock Market Success

The Comprehensive Guide to the Stock Market

This 2-hours live event is where Joel reveals the strategies used by professional traders and investors alike. You will gain a clear understanding on the overview of the stock market, and accelerate your financial literacy. Joel will walk you through this fully immersive session as he breaks down difficult financial jargon, and guides you to adopt strategies suited exclusively for you.





Wealth Trader Mentorship

The Step-By-Step Blueprint to Trend Trading & REITs Investing

Ever wondered how people trade or invest to create multiple income streams?  Wealth Trader Mentorship is Joel's masterclass program, where you will learn how to build a dividend wealth machine and be an expert trend trader through an interactive and exciting experience. You will be empowered in this hands-on step-by-step mentorship, and master comprehensive skillsets on personal finance management, finance psychology, macro technical analysis, systematic trend trading, risk management and REITs investing.

You will be given the opportunity to watch Joel in action, as he trades live and screens through potential investing stocks with the community. The strategies taught, model the processes perfected by Joel after 10 years in the industry as a professional trader.