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POEMS $10 Promotion

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Commission starts from S$10* | POEMS 2.0

Enjoy S$10* minimum commission for online trades in Singapore listed stocks.

My Commentary:

As Standard Chartered is imposing the $10 minimum commission coming Aug 2016 for the custodian account (Shares are held directly under Standard Chartered as custodian), I believe that this promotion has become relevant for investors and traders alike.


  • Promotion applies to CPF and SRS trades. 
  • Shares are held directly under CDP - a very good plus point.
  • I see this promotion as a strategy to target investors who want bite-size investments into blue-chip companies. (read the disadvantages and you will know why)


  • Clients will need to purchase less than 1000 shares. (100 - 900 shares) 
  • The contract value has to be less than $3,500.

This promotion has been ongoing for a really long time now, and has just been extended to 31st December 2016.

For those who have been using custodian accounts for a while, I am convinced that this promotion is an alternative while still having your shares held under CDP directly. This is a nice sweet spot for investors to capitalize on, or for traders who are trying out their strategies.

See you in the market!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The above promotion is only valid for online trades done through POEMS trading platforms. This includes CPF and SRS trades
  2. Only online orders of total quantity less than 1,000 shares of the same counter and ticker name, traded on the same day (regardless of settlement mode: Cash/CPF/SRS) will enjoy the above promotion
  3. The contract value must be less than $3,500 for each settlement mode (Cash/CPF/SRS)
  4. Broker-assisted orders are not eligible for this promotion
  5. The above promotion applies to orders done till 31 December 2016 inclusive
  6. Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (PSPL) reserves the right to substitute or change the promotion, amend any terms and conditions without prior notification. Where a dispute involving the interpretation of terms and conditions arises, PSPL reserves the right to have the final say


Scenario 1:
Client purchased 400 shares of Stock C at S$3.00 through Cash in the morning. He later purchased 500 shares of Stock C at S$3.50 through Cash in the afternoon.

  • Total number of shares purchased is 900 for Stock C
  • Total contract value is (400 x S$3) + (500 x S$3.50) = S$2,950 which is <$3,500
  • Promotion applies

Scenario 2:
Client purchased 400 shares of Stock B at S$3.50 through Cash and another 200 shares of Stock B at S$3.50 through SRS online, on the same day.

  • Total number of shares purchased is 600 for Stock B
  • Promotion applies

Scenario 3:
Client purchased 900 shares of Stock A at S$3.50 through CPF and another 900 shares of Stock A at S$3.50 through Cash online, on the same day.

  • Total number of shares purchased is 1,800 for Stock A
  • Promotion is not applicable

Scenario 4:
Client purchased 800 shares of Stock D at S$4 through SRS in the morning. He later purchased 100 shares of Stock D at S$5 through SRS in the morning.

  • Total number of shares purchased is 900 for Stock D
  • Total contract value is (800 x S$4) + (100 x S$5) = S$3,700 which is >S$3,500
  • Promotion is not applicable

Source: https://p2web.poems.com.sg/10-commission/


This material is provided to you for general information only and does not constitute a recommendation, an offer or solicitation to buy or sell the investment product mentioned. It does not have any regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation or any of your particular needs. Accordingly, no warranty whatsoever is given and no liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss arising whether directly or indirectly as a result of your acting based on this information. Investments are subject to investment risks including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance figures as well as any projection or forecast used in this publication, are not necessarily indicative of future or likely performance of any securities.
You may wish to obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser, pursuant to a separate engagement, before making a commitment to purchase any of the investment products mentioned herein. In the event that you choose not to obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser, you should assess and consider whether the investment product is suitable for you before proceeding to invest and we do not offer any advice in this regard unless mandated to do so by way of a separate engagement.
You are advised to read the trading account Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure Statement (available online at www.poems.com.sg) before investing in this product.Third party research and information obtained from sources are deemed reliable; however, PSPL does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness and makes no warranties with respect to results to be obtained from its use.

Whilst care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this document, PSPL and its affiliates make no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for any purpose, of the information contained in this document or as to the results obtained by any person from the use of any information or investment product mentioned in this document. PSPL reserves the right to make changes to such information from time to time. Any change, omission or error in such information, shall not form the basis for any claim, demand or cause of action against PSPL or any of its affiliates and PSPL and its affiliates expressly disclaim liability for the same.

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