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Trade with a Proven Strategy

Learn how to trade systematically with consistent profits in only 15 minutes a day. Gain access to Finance Savvy  strategies  and stock screener developed by Joel Sim. 



Comprehensive Weekend Course

Accelerate your Financial Mastery by gaining insights into over 10 years of trading and investing experience. Learn the tools and secret methods used to achieve Financial Freedom and kickstart two income streams after the weekend! 


Trading Made Easy

Practice makes Habit. We are here with you on the journey, guiding you every step of the way.  Conduct Live Trades with your Mentor and be a profitable trader.


Investing Made Easy

Create endless passive income. Tap into the mindset of an income investor and create your own automated income generating machine!



Knowledge is Power. Collective Wisdom is Immense. Join the community of like-minded traders & investors. Share ideas and keep each other on track on their financial goals. 


VIP Access

 Enjoy ongoing premium contents, articles and live webinars.   Get private invitations to exclusive events and seminars conducted by well-known speakers and trainers.  


Intensive Mentorship Program Reviews

"The Intensive Mentorship Program was overall a really enjoyable and enriching experience for me.  We learnt the different strategies on what we should be looking out for, when we make a trade. He is extremely systematic. Joel has always been there to guide us along the way, to teach us and revise with us."
- Darren Chan

"Joel is very friendly, very helpful and extremely patient. He really facilitated my learning experience and entry into the world of trading. Joel's strategies are simple, clear and time efficient so everyday I just need to spend about 10-15 minutes
If I were choose my trading mentor a 2nd time, my choice will still be Joel."
- Ting Chang Hui

"Previously, I was actually spending a lot of time trying to figure out which stocks and follow the trend (wrongly). In fact, I'm spending less time now and it gives me that free time to do other things. So in a way, if you really want to have a certain system, I think Joel's course has been helpful for me." 
- Mu Wan Ying
"The good thing about Joel's course is that it's step by step, so now we're pretty confident on what stocks not to touch at all and which stocks you can buy. Most of the times, we will go into it together as a team with a few of the trainers"
- Calvin Koh

"So far we've been in this for a few months and Joel has made many difficult concepts easy and guided us almost every step of the way on learning how to trade and not only in shares, but also to create passive income that will sustain our monthly expenses. He has created a structured and fixed way of trading and removes the emotions in trading.
With this structure he has created, trading and income investing is relatively simple and at most takes up around 15-20 minutes a day. Joel also live trades with us, which means he trades the exact same trade that we are taking. It's in a way, like having a personal mentor right beside you,  every step of the way.

This course, I would say, is good for both new traders and experienced traders. Yes, I would encourage most traders to join this program if it is possible for them. "

- Asri Bamadhaj



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